We are: No Mainstream!


 The PiPaPo

The  PiPaPo, is a german synonym for: „the whole shebang“, or „all that jazz“, and stand for versatility and a full scope of music, as well as for surprise effects, unusual, unheard and alternation with gags.   

The artists, two protagonists born in the baby boomers, have been and are still revolutionists and against the current, are experienced musicians and passionate music-lovers. They are familiar with a lot of different music styles plus live performance experiences.  The PiPaPo was founded in 2014 as a studio project at the Tree Frog Studio in Worms/Germany.

Mr. Opposition did his first musical steps with classic violin, later he was educated and worked as a drummer. He wrote songs on the guitar; today he realizes his ideas at the keyboard/workstation. He played over the years as drummer in several local rock bands and in a Jazz Big Band.

Steve Rise, with a classical piano education, started his occupational career in a music-shop, worked for years at Yamaha Europe as specialist for Keyboards and Pro Audio. He played the keyboards in many local Rock- and Cover bands and projects, also such as the Britpop Band „Silent Faces“, or for the dance floor Act „Culturebeat“, furthermore he operated as sound engineer.

The leading ideals, that influenced both blooded musicians were, out of the 70s, 80s and 90s, such as: Freur/Underworld, Beatles, Genesis, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, U2, Simple Minds, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Propaganda und Prince, just to refer the most important.

„No Mainstream! “ is the first published double CD album, a so complex and versatile album, so that it don`t fit into a single category or genre.  May be it`s a mixture of electronic Pop-music with influences of rock, techno, classic, jazz, funk and wave, paired with  melodic, psychedelic, experimental, film-score elements and stylistic parody. „No Mainstream! “  is the expression of contemporary Art, intellectual and banal, sophisticated and trivial primitive, absolutely without „autotune“.

„No Mainstream!“ is a clear statement against the boring, smooth, commercial, inconsequential and conformist average mean.  

„No Mainstream! “ is a so rich in content sound experience, that has to be heard often to capture the whole substance.

Enjoy yourself!